Monday , 26 September 2022


The gorgeous Tunisian crochet flower is the most creative flower I have encountered. This video tutorial in English subtitles will show you how to make this flower.


The materials you need to make the Tunisian crochet flower are 3mm crochet and a soft yarn. This Tunisian work design helps develop the rose’s romantic and exoitc feel that I love so much! This flower is a must have for any romantic event.

Uses of Tunisian Crochet Flower

In an intimate candle light dinner for you and your significant other, you can place these large crochet flowers along with a few candles to decorate the dinner table.

I also like placing these charming flowers all around the house to make the living room and kitchen setting just as romantic and toasty!

Most of all, the Tunisian crochet flower is popular for the enchanting feeling they give off at weddings! These lovely crochet flowers add more beauty to the elegant and sentimental ceremonies at weddings. This unique flower pattern can be that special ingredient that will complete the big day.

Other Uses

These roses can also be embellishments for a spring or summer wreath for your door. They also work wonderfully for bridal and baby showers. There are endless possibilities for how you can ramp up your crochet game with these gorgeous Tunisian crochet flowers. Thanks so much for reading and watching!

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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