Saturday , 24 September 2022

Squared Diamond Granny Throw Crochet Free Pattern

Hi Guys. Today we brought you the Squared Diamond Granny Throw, a wonderful model. All of us who love crochet need to know what the word means and where it comes from, don’t we? The ‘Croc’ means hook, so the word Crochet has a French origin “croc”, crochet is widely used there and is called crochet.

Certainly everyone who lives in the world of crochet knows that to be able to make certain crochet stitches it is necessary to use the right needle, and when talking about the hook, it makes even more sense if you are a connoisseur of needles. Not only because of the sense of the word, but also because of the style of the model, making the points more apparent or less. The truth is that all of us who crochet know that the stitch changes if we change the size of the needle.

With so much access that we have nowadays, here we don’t waste time and always do research on the new world of crochet, so I met this technique that I brought you today: Squared Diamond Granny Throw. I confess that this pattern is known and widely practiced, even though I don’t know and discover it only now, but if you still don’t know it or better, you didn’t know it like me, here’s this opportunity to make and improve your crochet skills.

This is a pattern considered to be easy and does not need much experience to perform, we usually say here that everything works out if you have determination, focus and love for crochet. We want to invite you to enter this world today with us of news and make this wonderful pattern, so stay with us until the end and we will make the pattern available for free for you!

As we said before, the internet is a vast universe where we can have access to all things, quickly and easily. With that we can see different types and sizes of needles, different yarns and their values ​​and even follow the tutorial in a much easier way either through video or even pdf. That’s because in the past, people simply used what they had to achieve the final result. It could even be a metal, wood or even thorns and bone. This is very serious!

Over the years, crochet has gained notoriety and many lovers, like us, and with it several materials have been developed, from needles as well as threads and this has increased the varieties of tutorials, models and practices that are now known and extremely useful.

This is an extremely beautiful pattern and always looking for news to bring to you, I found it on the internet and fell in love. I really needed to bring this beautiful model to you, after all, it has a wonderful effect when finished and that you can see through the images scattered throughout the post.

This pattern is called Squared Diamond Granny Throw. Many people when looking at this pattern can be frightened and imagine that it is something complex and difficult to do, but no, this is a very modern pattern that is fun to do, after all, just use your creativity to choose the perfect colors for what you want and also innovate, leaving the most original and your face possible.

YARN: On the yarn you can make this design with up to 5 colors. I like the regular Super Heart protector. The colored wire on the outside will spend around 70z. The colored thread inside will spend half. The others depend on the size.

HOOK: Regarding the size of the hook will depend on the person you are used to, I used it on a quilt # 9 and 5.50 mm. You can use a “G” if you want a larger stitch with a thick line. But be flexible in the choice of hooks and don’t worry because there is a perfect hook size, it depends on what you want and like.

The coolest thing about this pattern is that it is extremely flexible for the most creative, after all, it can be made in different sizes, different colors and models. It is worth remembering that obviously, if you decide to make a quilt, it will take about 3 months on average if you don’t focus so much and do it in a reasonable time.

Now if you have focus and determination you can do it before this period. Below I leave the written pattern of this beautiful pattern, if you liked it, do not waste time and do and improve your skills. In the link you will find the print with all the step by step.

Watch Pattern Here

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