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This free video tutorial will teach you how to make a wonderful sweater, jacket, and cardigan using the “pistachio” knitting stitch. This pattern is simply beautiful and will prove to be useful when you are knitting a sweater or cardigan for yourself, for babies, or for a special gentleman in your life.


The “pistachio” knitting stitch is very simple. It is created by forming elongated loops in using bulky weight yarn and large needles. The yarn should be a cotton or nylon blend. If you want to knit a women’s cardigan or sweater that is a medium or large size, you should use size 10 and 11 needles. The pattern report for the pistachio stitch is 4 loops and 8 rows and you need to knit 4 rows of the front surface.

Where To Use This Lovely Stitch?

For kids, you can knit a very cute cardigan. The pistachio knitting stitch works great for sweaters or cardigans that are made for kids. It has a great texture and makes the perfect piece for spring or autumn!

Although this pattern seems easy, it is intricate to knit but since the cardigan is made with worsted weight yarn. But, it works up quickly and the fit is great too.

As for women’s clothing, a lush color like a sunflower yellow or a magenta pink can give your cardigan that flirty feel for your rendezvous summer adventures. Alternatively, during a chilly autumn day, slip into this cozy knitted sweater. Enjoy the sweater weather and colourful earthy leaves in timeless chic fashion.

Surprise a father, brother, grandfather, or any special gentleman in your life with a lovely pistachio knitting stitch cardigan. Especially if it is made in a chic brown, navy, or a space gray color. Add a button or five and maybe even sew a pocket or two just for kicks! We guarantee they’ll love it as much as we do!

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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