Monday , 26 September 2022


These gorgeous lace crochet flowers are creative and decorative for so many projects. Crocheting flowers is an enjoyable beginner stitch and it makes the perfect embellishment for accessories! Watch the free video tutorial to get started on one of the many simple flower projects mentioned below!


These simple lace crochet flower are also perfect for adorning your living room and bedrooms! Make a few flowers with different colors to make a table runner and place them on your coffee or dining table. You can also crochet a runner for your bedroom dressers.

With these flowers, you can also embellishment a hair accessory by stitching one of these crochet flowers on a headband, hat, or ear warmer.

This simple flower stitch is also wonderful for pining it to your garments like a sweatshirt that could use a crocheted accessory. You could also add these cute flowers to a summer wrap and make it the most vintage and unique top you own!

You should use a fine thread to make these lace crochet flowers, you can even add them as an accent on a special journal or on the family album. Although these lace flowers are simple and easy to make, you must use the best yarn and neatly stitch so that the flowers look clean. Therefore, do not use thick yarn, as the the weight and bulkiness could make the flowers look messy.

Color is not a limit when crocheting these simple lace crochet flower! You can make flowers in any color, and it would look beautiful nevertheless. A color combination I recommend is white petals, a yellow colored pistil and pink stems connecting the middle to the petals.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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