Monday , 26 September 2022

Knit Simple Slippers with Knitted Tape

Here we have another very beautiful design for simple slippers which ones you can knit in several minutes. If you have some free time make another awesome gift for yourself or for the people you love. Just look at these simple but beautiful slippers and imagine how comfortable will be every day if you will sit and start knitting now.

Thanks to the author for the clearly explained free tutorial where everything is explained step by step and for a pretty design. We hope you will understand everything and will be proud of your results. Good luck and please enjoy.

Knit Simple Slippers with Knitted Tape

As always, Before you go I want to ask you if you value my work, did you like the knitting and crochet course, share it with all your friends on social networks and share it in their crochet groups so all the little spiders in the world will benefit from art crochet!

Knit Simple Slippers with Knitted Tape

Click here for video tutorial

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