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The knit headband is the perfect accessory to keep you warm and in style! Keep reading for tips on how to style your headband and for headband sizing guidelines for ages from babies to adults.


There are endless patterns for special occasions, you can wear a knit headband but the faux bow pattern in this video tutorial is one of my favourites!  You can sow in beads, buttons, or pearls, you can even sow in initials, or knitted flowers or roses.

You can use fabulous yarn, like ones with glitter in the thread to make a fashionably sparkly pink knit headband as seen in the video. The loops are simple to make and the size fits most! Keep reading for specific size guidelines for all ages.

Another reason why this knit headband works well for children is because it is the perfect reinforcement for long hair. This is a very helpful accessory for the active toddlers who are always running around with their hair on their face.

It’s a very warm and cozy accessory. You can even personalise with the right yarn, colors, or sewed on adornments or accessories. It works just as well for girls and women of all ages!

Sizes for the Knit Headband

If you are planning to make a knit headband for a baby that is not born yet and do not know the size measurements, fear not, because we have headband sizing guidelines.

For babies ages 0-3 months, the head circumference will be 13-15” which is headband size “11-12”. From 3 to 12 months, the head circumference will range from 15-19” and the headband sizes will range from 13-17”. For toddlers, head circumference is 18-19” while the average headband size is 16-18”.

If you want to knit an adorable headband for a child as a birthday gift surprise and are not sure about your measurements, the head circumference will range from 19 to 20.5” and the headband size is 17-19”. For teens, the head circumference is 20.5 to 23” and the headband sizes that would fit are 18-21”. Finally, for an adult, the average head circumference ranges from 21 to 24” which would fit headband sizes 20-22”.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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