Monday , 26 September 2022

How To Make Knit Slippers Video Tutorial

Not only do these gorgeous women’s knit slippers can prevent a cold that is caused by walking barefoot around the house, they also help maintain a fashionable-yet-comfy home look!


We make these slippers from a flat square knit piece. They do not have a seam at the bottom, they only have one sidewards and a stitch on the back side of the slippers. You should get a yarn that is flexible and stretchable and will make the best women’s knit slippers. You need a 3mm skewer, a single colored yarn, and a bead for adornment purposes.

You can add a cute button right where the V is to give the allusion that the two lines can be unbuttoned. You can also use two or three colors when knitting the ladies slippers, or better yet, use variegated yarn to give a colorful and jazzy vibe. Maybe even use yarn with glitter thread in the mix when knitting these ladies slippers for a fun look!

The reason why these slippers are so wonderful to make is because they are easily maintained. These women’s knit slippers are perfectly comfortable for your house guests; they make the best feet warmers for any season, even the summer months when the air conditioner turns your toes into ice cubes.

Even when your slippers get dirty, you can simply throw them in the washer without a worry.

Another reason why these slippers are easily maintained is because you can easily add to them. This particular slipper fits european foot sizes 37 and 38. You start with a total of 52 loop stitches. For smaller foot sizes, you can take off two loops and for large slipper sizes, you can add two.

How To Make Knit Slippers Video Tutorial

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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