Sunday , 25 September 2022


In the description of the Yellow and White Crochet 2-color Baby vest model on this page, the example known as the pine branch knitting pattern, the crow’s foot knitting pattern is used. The design of the lace-up crochet baby vest model is explained one by one with the video. Nobody will have trouble doing it.

You can reach the other Baby Knitting Project here if you want for 4-Piece Baby Suit from crochet work. Baby knitting is designed to be for babies between the ages of 1-2 years. Model Baby Vest is made according to the size chart. 34 inches long from collar to skirt. You can adjust it for yourself.

The normal size in the Baby Knit size chart is 32 cm in height. This is a little longer preferred, so both the baby’s waist will not get cold. It measures 31 centimeters in width. Those who will do it according to the size of the table can make a width between 29 and 31 centimeters.

Everyone can make a model according to their child’s development. Under arm width 27 inches wide from one arm to the other. The model is designed using yellow and white fiber thread. It is made with a very old crochet knitting pattern.

You have definitely seen this example in baby blankets, fiber models, cushion models, baby knits, and beanie models. Although the fiber yarn has a soft texture in knitting, it is not recommended to use for a long time.

If you use fiber yarn, you can use it for a longer time if you wash it by hand instead of washing it in the machine. The model is used in the front of the back in the same way, and the collar is detailed with the laces and 2 tiny pompoms.

Click here for video tutorial

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