Saturday , 24 September 2022

Crochet Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch Pattern

Hello friends. Let’s learn a stitch often used in some models of blankets and crochet blankets. Various model can be made with this type of crochet stitch. We can learn several point models with a simple step by step

Here are some tips on how to learn how to make this vintage crochet stitch. Templates like these are always made with different colors. Colorful crochet stitches. For a baby crochet blanket, we can make a neutral pattern. a crochet cover, crochet vintage hat patterns, crochet vintage doilies. beautiful with colors. See the, I have many doubts regarding this work. but here it is very simple to make this model.

I found it very delicate for some types of standard crochet designs. watch the walkthrough: learn how to crochet the basic points with this explanation. If you have any money see the tutorial. Available for download, here are some ideas below for making this beautiful vintage crochet pattern. 

GRAPHIC Download Pattern free, below and learn how to make this wonderful pattern of beautiful colors. The pattern consists of 4 repeating rows. Rows 1 – 4. The chain is just to get you started. When creating your base chain, keep the counts in multiples of 9.

Once you get to your desired width for a chain, add 1 to the chain so you can single crochet 2nd chain from the hook and keep your project in balance. 

Written Instructions: Use a yarn and hook that compliment each other. You can refer to yarn band label to see the suggested hook size to go with the yarn. Chain in sets of 9 until you get to the desired width. At the end of the chain add 1 more chain.

SC 2nd chain from hook and then SC in next 3 chains. * 3 SC into next chain. SC into next 8 chains and repeat * across. Final 4 chains will be 1 SC into each. Turn Ch 1, skip 1st stitch and SC into next 4 sts. * 3 SC into next st. SC into next 4 sts, skip 2, SC into next 4 sts. Repeat * across. Final 4 stitches will be 1 SC into next 3 stitches and then SC 2 TOG for the final. Turn Repeat Row 2. Slip Stitch 2 stitches, then CH 6. Triple Treble (TTR) into next 2 stitches. * 3 TTR into next and then 1 TTR into next 3 stitches. Skip 4 stitches, 1 TTR into next 3 stitches, Repeat * across. Final stitches will be 1 TTR in 3 stitches. (You will notice the TTR do not extend all the way to the end of the row. This is what we want.) If changing color, this is where you would do it before doing the next repeat rows. Repeat Rows 1 – 4 continually until your project gets the desired length. See video tutorial easy to make it easier for you to follow if you have any questions. 

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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