Monday , 26 September 2022

Crochet Shawl Pattern – Free Instructions

Look at this beautiful crochet shawl pattern, how not to fall in love with these wonderful crochet stitches that look like sea shells, it’s really cool to appreciate these crochet patterns and it gets even better with the explanatory step by step that makes it easier to see this model. This pattern is very easy to make and can be used for a lot of standard crochet work.

The goal here is to share work with explanatory standards to make your learning easier, this model will be very useful in your day to day. Then below you will find the tutorial on how to make + graphic + video explaining everything, just follow the pattern and venture into this beautiful work. 

The graph has the step by step also written, more for the points you will be able to do easily. Remembering that this model of the photo is a wonderful shawl, and I will leave an image of it in blue color, you can use and abuse the colors that attracts you ok.

As always, Before you go I want to ask you if you value my work, did you like the knitting and crochet course, share it with all your friends on social networks and share it in their crochet groups so all the little spiders in the world will benefit from art crochet!

Click here fro video tutorial

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