Saturday , 24 September 2022

Crochet Rose Flower Patterns For Beginners

This gorgeous easy crochet rose is creative and decorative for many projects. Crocheting these roses is a fun project because it’s so easy and they make the perfect embellishment for accessories and more!


Color is not a limit when making these easy crochet roses! You can crochet roses in any color, and it would look beautiful nevertheless. I also recommend using yarn that has a glitter thread in the mix because it makes the roses stand from the solid colors. In daylight, the glitter roses shine and look absolutely stunning!

Picking the right yarn for your rose is very important to how the final product looks. Different yarn can create a variety of easy crochet roses. One unique rose you can make is with variegated yarn because it gives the rose an enchanting look of various colors!

So what can you decorate with the easy crochet rose? There are many things you can adorn with these roses! You can make a perfect embellishment such as a cute hair accessory by stitching a rose on an elastic hairband or a bobby pin. This easy crochet rose is also wonderful for making a roses crochet brooch pattern to pin to your garments. Add a few roses to crochet hat and scarf or a crochet headband!


In addition to following along these instructions, watch the video as a reference too:
Chain 50, Double crochet in 4th chain stitch from your hook, chain 4, double crochet into the same stitch as your first double crochet, skip 3, double crochet, chain 4, double crochet in same stitch as your previous double crochet – repeat till you have 11 chain 4 ending with double crochet, chain 1, turn work, make 10 double crochet in the chain 4 space, double crochet into the 2 double crochet space , repeat till the last chain 4, single stitch in between you last chain/double crochet space.
Roll up your work starting by folding the first petal on the other end then where your hook is. Follow the video to knot the bottom together to create the rose.

These easy crochet rose can make the perfect gift for a holiday like Valentine’s Day. They are so elegant and enchanting and can make a valentine feel very special! Rose adornments also make the cutest garments and bonnets for a niece or newborn child. Homemade crochet gifts for children are so special! Good luck friends.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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