Monday , 3 October 2022


This free video tutorial in English subtitles covers how to crochet a rectangular rug. This beautiful rug incorporates any thread of your choice into a colorful rug with a lovely texture and border.


This beautiful crochet rectangular rug comes out to be 68 cm by 50 cm. You also need a 3.5mm crochet and a total of 140g of brown yarn and 235g of pink yarn. Thread number 6 or 8 both work and you can use needle number number 4.

A list of how every part was made is in the description below the video by minute. You can decide to use those same colors or make up your own assortment of colors! Most importantly, have fun throughout this fun journey of creating this amazing crochet rectangular rug with its stunning flowing lace pattern. Other tips on Crochet Rectangular Rug.

A final tip I have for you for when you are working on this lovely crochet rectangular rug is to complete it over a longer course of time than your usual crochet projects. The reason for this is because this is a heavy duty project and will naturally take a long time to complete.

But most importantly, so that there can be an element of surprise for the day you finally get it done and you can be proud of your extraordinary work. Thanks so much for visiting and good luck for you Guys.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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