Saturday , 24 September 2022


Learn how to make this trendy crochet popcorn stitch bag! Not only is it easy to stitch, but the bag itself is the most elegant and comfortable crochet bags I have made.


The crochet hook you should use is a 3 mm. Make sure that your stitches are tight and measured. The best yarn to use for the purpose of achieving maximum tightness is the polyester macrame.  If you notice that your crochet bag design starts to feel stiff, it is because of the tension due to the tight stitches which also means you are on the right path!

This gorgeous crochet popcorn stitch bag is very useful and ordinarily used and accessorised by both kids, teens, and women. Join the trend with a twist of crochet by making this easy crochet bag!

The base is an rectangle base with a spike model. The sides of the crochet bag are spirally braided without a spike pattern and in uniform. Your final product should have a base height measuring to 21cm. The base width of the crochet bag measures to 14cm while the length of the bag is 21cm long. All the central part is made with the crochet popcorn stitch.

You can also adorn your crochet bag with beads or buttons to add a vintage look or those popular furry pom poms keychains. You can even add a leather tassel charm to your trendy bag!

This crochet bag with a sturdy base and fashionable lid is unique. This kind of bags are a huge trend right now, but this fancy stitch is unlike any brand bag you can find online. This crochet popcorn stitch bag with a lid has a vintage feel to it that is missing from more modern bags you see nowadays. Good luck for you lovely guys.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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