Sunday , 2 October 2022

Crochet -Pattern Points stitches

There are two methods to set up the points in a Crochet design yarn. The thumb method uses a needle and tends to create a less visible edge on your piece of Crochet. The two needle method creates a firmer edge, less elastic, but strong, suitable for the most delicate yarns and that are subject to increased wear. Before you begin setting up the Crochet stitches, make a loop.

To use this method let the length of wire about 4 times the desired width for your work. see also this beautiful model of star points yarn found with step by step. Fig. 1 crochet Yarn Attach the free end of the yarn in your left hand and the needle in your right hand.

Take a loop with the left thumb, putting it under the wire from the rear and move the thumbs up to form the loop. Fig. 2 crochet Yarn Put the needle into the loop and hold the left thumb in place. Fig. 3 Crochet Yarn Insert the needle, from bottom to top, inside the wire that is around the thumb.

Use the skein yarn in your right hand to wrap the yarn around the needle. Move the needle down so that the needle tip bring the wire that was in his right hand. Fig. 4 Crochet Yarn Loosen the thumb loop and pull with your left hand so that it is tight, thus forming the second mesh. Fig. 5 Continue until you have all the necessary points. 

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