Saturday , 24 September 2022

Crochet Entrelac Stitch

Today for you we have brilliant stitch to crochet with free video tutorial. Thanks to author, because she has explained everything step by step in high quality. You have a chance to learn how to crochet beautiful and very useful entrelac stitch. With entrelac stitch you can crochet many awesome items for everyday use. You can crochet pillows and blankets for your home interior.

This is tunisian entrelac crochet stitch pattern. You just use a regular crochet hook – you won’t need any special tunisian or afghan hook. Entrelac refers to a type of pattern consisting of colored squares or diamonds organized in a repeating pattern to create a visually enticing graphic texture. It’s an easy to remember pattern that works great for blankets, wash cloths, scarves and more.

This creates a wonderful diamond pattern using the tunisian simple stitch or TSS. Entrelac crochet can be worked row by row, creating stripes of diamonds in various colors. It can also be worked in the round like a granny square, with the each round in a different color. Coluors and styles can easily be mixed, as well as different techniques and yarns. Let’s start !

If you want to make yourself more experienced in crochet you can find many other video lessons where you can learn different stitches and skills. So get more satisfaction from your lovely handcraft. Good luck and thanks again to author.

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