Sunday , 25 September 2022

Crochet Baby Blankets Patterns

6-Day Kid Blankets by Bekki from Quirky Mama Creations

This lovely cherry blanket is one of my favorite versions of 6 Day Kid Blanket. Rows of granny stitches and double crochets are visibly divided, thanks to three shades of pink and delicate cream, but colors are not the only thing that caught my attention – just look at this elephant!

Adding applique to baby blankets is a great idea, and Bekki definitely knows how to do it. Her creations are beautiful examples of how to combine colors and shapes together.

Another two examples of Bekki’s great usage of applique feature a skunk and a unicorn. In the top photo you can see a fun way of changing colors, which users called “a snowflake effect”. If you change the colors between the rows of granny stitches, you achieve a fun scalloped look!

Free crochet pattern for the blanket is here.

6-Day Kid Blanket by Marfanical (Abbey)

A fun way to create really unexpected color flow is to alternate two multicolored yarns. It works really beautifully if you want to achieve complex color changes. Another way to achieve that is to choose a colorway that is like a rainbow – this version by Abbey is a great example.

You can find this free crochet pattern here.

6-Day Kid Blanket by Umm Ilyas

Edging is the last step on the way to creating lovely baby blanket, and it’s one of the most important steps! This blanket combines simple stitches with openwork of granny, so pom-pom edging fits here naturally. It mimics the clusters of granny stitch and looks great.

Free blanket pattern is here.

6-Day Kid Blanket by May’s Handmade Crochet

Fun popcorn edging is a cute and easy way to add playfulness to your baby blanket. In this case pastel pink works great when combined with the outermost colors. This palette works great for baby girls, but also for elegant women’s bedroom.

6 Day Kid Blanket pattern is available for free here.

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