Saturday , 27 November 2021


Learn how to work this useful and lovely crochet floor rug by watching this video tutorial in English subtitles. Keep reading for tips on how to master the techniques of this great crochet rug.


This spectacular crochet floor rug  is compact but it will not curl up over time. It stays grounded on the floor. You must use a 6 thread number and a 3.5 mm crochet. You will need approximately 339 grams of yarn or 370 meters. Watch the video in English subtitles by turning on closed captions, going to the settings button and selecting the auto translation to English. This rug stays grounded on the floor and is quick, easy, and economical to crochet.

Sizes for this Crochet Floor Rug

This petite rug is 71cm long and 49cm wide. Every detail of its making is written in instructions. This crochet rug stitch is very effective because it can hold shape well and it makes a sturdy rug that you can use to keep your house toasty and in style!


Use any color combinations you want or crochet your sturdy rug in yarn color as based off the video. My favorite colors for this project have been bright red or orange and a brick red or brown tone, but this teal is just as perfect.

This crochet carpet even makes the perfect piece for any season because it is light but very cozy! Have fun crocheting this fun crochet floor rug!

You can surprise a friend or relative with this gorgeous yet simple rug during any special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or even as a housewarming gift. For your own home, this gorgeous rug adorns any room from the living room, backyard patio to the kid rooms!

Click here for video tutorial

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