Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Charlotte’s Dream

Hello friends. Today we have a very beautiful c Crochet work. some here already know this crochet square model. but this particular model is a Charlottes Dream Blanket. This model is amazing. I love making squares with this crochet pattern is simply beautiful the colors used and the very simple step by step pattern. Download for friends who like this model available. learn how to make some basic models to finish a Crochet rug a crochet bedspread. It can be wonderful.

See how to make these Models in very simple tutorial. Many friends use very strong colors. I like the colors of this model. I think it suits a lot of environments. I found it beautiful I always make these models and whenever I finish I am always very happy because we know it is a very dedicated work for the crochet. Here we will put some step by step measures for friends to do. a pattern of color crochet stitches and lines used in this pattern here.

See the details very carefully so that friends can make this model very easily. welcome the basic tutorial. Always use quality material for your friends to do a very good job. Below are some free Crochet pattern ideas learn how to make this beautiful Charlottes Dream Blanket. It is a wonderful model.

We can always do as we choose. See the doctor you need and follow the step by step here to finish this beautiful Crochet Square for your day to day. See the ideas below for a simple step by step download, simple tutorial

Materials 3.5 mm crochet hook (US 4/E, UK 9) Scheepjes Stonewashed (Sport weight/#2) Contrasting Colours (CC)/ Colour A* – 2 skeins (220 meters) each of Rose Quartz (820), Yellow Jasper (809), Lilac Quartz (818), Garnet (810), Deep Amethyst (811), Lemon Quartz (812), Carnelian (823), Amazonite (813), Canada Jade (806), Blue Apatite (805), Coral (816), and Green Agate (815) Main Colour 1 (MC1)/ Colour B* – 12 skeins (1500 meters) of Moon Stone (801) Main Colour 2 (MC2)/ Colour C* – 12 skeins (1450 meters) of Smokey Quartz (802)

* The square was originally designed using the colour references Colour A, Colour B, and Colour C. When following the photo tutorials for the individual squares, you will replace Colour A with CC, Colour B with MC1, and Colour C with MC2 as listed above. Yarn packs for this project are available (offers international shipping and includes printed version of the pattern) You can also buy Stonewashed

Abbreviations US Terminology {US/UK Conversion HERE} Ch – Chain BP – Back post (insert your hook from back to front around the post of the indicated stitch and complete the stitch as normal) CC – Contrasting colour Dc – Double crochet FP – Front post (insert your hook from front to back around the post of the indicated stitch and complete the stitch as normal) Hdc – Half-double crochet MC – Main colour Sc – Single crochet Sl st – Slip stitch St/st’s – Stitch/stitches The rest of the Abbreviations and Special Stitches will be found in the individual parts for the Squares (see Charlotte Squares below).

Punctuation * An asterisk indicates pattern repeats. You will need to repeat all the instructions between asterisks the number of times specified. This is a hard-core repeat and will consist of multiple instructions. Parentheses () indicate repeats. You will need to repeat the instructions between parentheses the number of times specified. This is a lower level repeat. Parentheses are also used to indicate a group of stitches to be worked into the same stitch/space.

Watch Video Tutorial Part 1

Gauge At the end of Round 18, your square should measure 20 cm (8”). Each finished square should measure 42 cm (16.5”). Size 172 cm (68”) x 130 cm (51”) Notes The central flower of this square is textured and raised slightly above the surface. When you have only made the flower, it will look like it bulges too much (because of all those front post stitches) but, as the square progresses, this will become less noticeable. With use, the flower will relax down even further, but it will always remain slightly raised above the surface of the square. 

Watch Video Tutorial Part 2

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