Saturday , 4 December 2021


Make this easy crochet skirt for any special person in your life. This skirt is so easy and fun to crochet, you are going to want to make more! Watch this tutorial to learn how to make this beautiful crochet skirt.


But this easy crochet skirt is also nice and warm in the winter months because of the warm yarn material it is made of. This skirt can be styled in many ways for any occasion. It works well for a stroll to the park or for skirting the precious flower girl. You can even stitch the entire skirt one color only and adorn it with flowers or bows.

Whatever your style and pattern is, whoever is receiving this special handcrafted easy crochet skirt will love it for sure and will look stunning in it!

Pattern of Easy Crochet Skirt

To begin, grab two yarn colors of your choice, or the lovely combination of green and white as seen in the video. A hook size 2 or a 1.75 millimeter works best for this easy crochet skirt. You also need scissors to cut the ropes. These materials will help you put together this puffed pattern and the gorgeous lace edge.The beginning chain is the length of the entire skirt, which is multiples of 6. We work a single crochet stitch in each chain. In the second line we work the line and leave the last 3 stitches and return to the end of the line crocheted on the back lob until the end of the line in line 3. We work and leave the last 3 stitches and go back and repeat until there are 3 stitches remaining.

We only have to change the color of the thread and turn the gradient line into a straight line as in the video. We change the color of the thread and work with the same technique, but we leave 6 stitches with a shade of 3, which is the off-white color in the video below of easy crochet skirt.

We repeat that at the end of each line we leave 6 stitches and return until there are 6 stitches remaining. We change the color of the thread and turn the graded line into a straight line as shown in the video.

The whole clip, then we repeat what we did in the off-white color. We continue with this exchange until we get a rectangular piece that is sufficient to rotate the waist and an increase of 10 cm, then close the edges of the easy crochet skirt and work the plisse suitable for the waist.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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