Friday , 1 July 2022


Learn how to make the beautiful banana crochet stitch. This crochet stitch is wonderful for beginner crocheters because it uses simple techniques that most crocheters are familiar with, such as the single crochet.


This gorgeous banana crochet stitch is a single crochet pattern which creates the effect of a very smooth stitch. You need the 100% anti-pilling and 2.10mm crochet hook.

The hook input technique is slightly below the top of the loop. The hook then splits or “spreads” the threads. You can even use two different colors that go well together like the silver and white!

Uses of the Banana Crochet Stitch

I love this crochet pattern because of the rich texture and the elegance of it being double sided! This tightly crocheted texture is what makes this stitch perfect for garments that can keep you warm and toasty in cold weather!

I just love the texture of this banana crochet stitch, it’s so versatile and elegant that it works very well for a variety of projects such as cardigans, scarves, hats, jumpers, sweaters, blanket granny patterns, fall jackets, cushion covers, book covers, water bottle covers, bags, and more!

This stitch is also great because it is double sided so you can switch it up by adding embellishments on one side and it’s very useful for stopping the neckline on a sweater or bottom of a garment. It maintains its shape and is double sided which is very useful for maintaining a presentable texture for the projects mentioned above.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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