Wednesday , 29 June 2022


Learn how to make this charmingly unique crochet rectangle coaster in different colors and patterns! Keep reading for a materials list and a few additional creative ideas to incorporate to your crochet coaster.


The yarn that is needed to make this beautifully decorated crochet rectangle coaster is number 6 yarn. You will also need crochet needles size 3.5mm or a number 6 needle, as well as a tapestry needle and scissors. You must first crochet the four squares that make up these crochet rectangle coasters, and you combine them together to complete the final product.

Watch the free video tutorial below for a full step by step tutorial with English subtitles on how to crochet a lovely coaster! An interesting pattern you can make uses green and orange yarn colors and creates a striped rectangle coaster with altering green and orange colors on two squares and the other squares just simply orange.

You can also do a red and orange crochet rectangle coaster with the same diagonal stripes as the green and orange. You can even do a pink and purple or a white and navy blue crochet coaster which are just as visually captivating.

Uses of Crochet Rectangle Coaster

These crochet rectangle coasters are not only stunning, but they do a fabulous job at protecting your wooden tables and kitchen counters from heated or chilled drinks or dishes. They can make a great gift for any homeowner or chef!

You may even want to try out a simpler but detailed crochet rectangle coaster model. The pattern for this model consists of beautiful cross stitches that is 32cm wide and 45cm long and consumes 226m of yarn.

It also contains a simple linear but patterned border. This rectangular coaster looks wonderful when set on a table with plates and glassware!

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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