Friday , 1 July 2022


Learn how to make the beautiful crochet triangles bed cover for your bedroom! This gorgeous pattern is very simple to make and looks very elegant in your bedroom.


This crochet triangles bed cover is 43 centimeters in diameter. 100% anti-pilling acrylic yarn is perfect for this cover but cotton yarn works fine too! You will also need a number 6 crochet hook, scissors, and a tapestry needle number 14 but it can also be a sewing needle. You can easily add to this cover to make it as big as you want.

Watch this free video tutorial in English subtitles to learn how to easily make this crochet 3D triangle cover. Keep reading for a materials list and decorative ideas.

Crochet Triangles Bed Cover Tips

The size of the finished bed cover product and total amount of yarn you used may vary according to the size of your stitches. For the holiday seasons you can be creative with your bed cover colors. Crochet them in red and white or dark green for Christmas or gold and silver for the New Year festivities.

The bed cover serves another purpose other than looking very elegant in your household. Using this pattern you can make a beautiful crochet doilies act as a cover to keep you and your loved ones warm when they play, take naps, or are kept cozy by a fireplace on a snow day!

Color is not a limit when crocheting the crochet triangles bed cover! You can crochet the cover in any color, and it would look beautiful nevertheless. I also recommend using fine yarn and yarn that has a glitter thread in the mix because it makes the bed cover stand out from the solid colors. In daylight, the doilies shine and look absolutely stunning!

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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