Thursday , 19 May 2022

Crochet a cozy blanket in a granny pattern | Free Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through a beautiful crochet granny blanket! This crochet stitch makes the most unique texture of any crochet pattern I have encountered!


We can make a beautiful crochet granny blanket pattern by using 4 elegant yarn colors, The recommended colors dark grey, lavender, white, and a dark peach or coral color. They run 130meters and 50g and are very soft. You will also need a 4.5mm needle.

The granny pattern looks gorgeous and complex, but if you follow along with the tutorial, you will find the details in making this beautiful blanket are not as complicated. It is a simply precious pattern and will look stunning on anything or anyone.

Ideas for Crochet Granny Blanket

This is a fast growing pattern which makes it more enjoyable. There are small open spaces that make the texture so fascinating! When crocheting the pattern, you must start with the middle square and move around.

You can choose to incorporate even more colors if you have a more colorful vision such as navy, orange, red, mint green, light blue, green, and 2-colored variegated yarn.

Surprise your loved ones with this adorable crochet granny blanket. They will most definitely love the pattern, your thoughtful effort, and the unique idea for a gift!

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to come back every day for more free tutorials!

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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