Tuesday , 28 June 2022


Make this beautiful crochet baby dress for any special child in your life. Watch this free video tutorial to learn how to make this beautiful baby dress.


To begin, a beautiful yarn color like sunshine yellow or a lovely white or blue. The best yarn to use is a 50% polyamide combined with 50% acrylic. A 3.50mm crochet hook best for this crochet baby dress.

You also need scissors to cut the ropes. These materials will help you put together this wave-like pattern for your baby dress. This baby vest is so easy and fun to crochet, you are going to want to make more!

Why making this Crochet Baby Dress?

The reason why this is the perfect dress for your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces is because it can be a summer dress and winter dress!

They can wear it in the spring and summer because it is sleeveless but will keep the child warm in the rest of the body! It is also nice and airy because of the holey pattern.

But this crochet baby dress is also nice and warm in the winter months because of the warm yarn material it is made of. This dress can be styled in many ways for any occasion.

It works well for a stroll to the park or for dressing the precious flower girl. You can even stitch the entire vest one color only and adorn it with flowers or bows.

Whatever your style and pattern is, whoever is receiving this special handcrafted crochet baby dress will love it for sure and will look stunning in it!

Thank you so much for visiting! Be sure to come back every day for more free tutorials. Tutorial and photos of this baby dress by: Örgü Aşkım Bebeğim.

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